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Data security is paramount to businesses. The information of customers Marquise Blair Youth Jersey , payment information, bank account details, and entirely any information is hard to replace in case it is stolen, or it falls into the hands of criminals. The leakage of data as a result of natural disasters, floods and fire can be very devastating L.J. Collier Youth Jersey , but the loss of the same to the cyber criminals and malware has greater consequences. Fraud is becoming very common to organizations, and so it is crucial to increase awareness to the various organizations because the awareness can help them to devise the strategies on how they can deal with the trend.
Forms of Fraud Techniques
Identity theft and social engineering are some of the fraud techniques used to access information that can help the criminals accomplish their mission. Identity theft entails the use of personal information and pretending to be the actual person; often for financial gain. In many cases, users post their information of the social network puts them at a risk of identity theft because the thieves can gather enough of it to steal an identity. The information that the identity thieves target includes passwords, social security numbers, information stored on user  PC Tedric Thompson Womens Jersey , bank account information and credit card numbers. The social engineering, on the other hand, involves the techniques that are intended to trick users to enter sensitive information. The criminals accomplish that via phishing attacks, spear phishing, hijacking of accounts and misleading solicitations. The agencies that are useful in informing about fraud include the Identity Theft Resource Center and the Visa Security Sense. These organizations keep the people updated with information on fraud activities and fraud-fighting techniques (James Nazair Jones Womens Jersey , 2010).
Threat Justification
Cyber terrorism has been occurring and causing losses of information to thieves. For instance, according to top Safe Internet Banking, in 2015 alone there were reported 283 cases of cyber terrorism cases while in the previous year there were 277. The cases continue to heighten as the time goes, thereby posing a serious threat to the safety of client  information and online transactions. In those cases, there were huge financials losses to the victims that were major organizations and financial institutions. Cyber terrorism still continues to be a major threat to the sensitive information Delano Hill Womens Jersey , and anyone can become a victim of the same. Cyber terrorists majorly target organizations and government agencies, thus, there is need fro vigilance so as to identify any signs and address them adequately. There are examples of cyber terrorism case such as the hacking of computer systems running MS Windows in the Middle East in 2012, the cyber attacks on the Canadian government website in 2011, cyber attacks on PayPal in 2010 among other many cases of cyber terrorism occurring each day (Steve et al. Frank Clark Womens Jersey , 2012).
Steps to Preserve Evidence to be used in Court
鈥? Conduct an analysis of the damage caused to the system to identify the victim
鈥? Care should be taken to the data so that the subject will be able to assert that there was an alteration, corruption or stealing of the data.
鈥? The data should be collected from a reliable source so as to reduce the risk of the data containing programming or other errors.
鈥? There should be authentication of emails; information is taken from hard drives or other electronic devices with the use of standard methods. For instance, a statement from the witness with direct knowledge that the evidence contained in the report is similar to the one created by the subject; that can be the person that gathered, created and received or stored the evidence.
鈥? The demonstrative evidence such as photos, charts and graphs should be accurate and have a fair depiction of the subject matter with the focus on all aspects so that it will not create a misleading impression or even delete the relevant information.
鈥? A chain of custody should be created for the physical evidence so as to make sure that they are matched to the source.
鈥? The test results ought to be authenticated by the people or person that conducted them assuming they were done fairly and objectively in light of the appropriate standards.
Legal Process Used to Resolve Cases Involving Computer Crime Offenders
The legal process used to resolve the case against the offenders of computer crimes is worth it because when the incidents happen Jarran Reed Womens Jersey , it is the legal process used to make sure that the offenders are properly prosecuted. The legal process may take a long time, but it uses the reliable evidence to decide on a given case. The legal processes have been helpful in handling even the most controversial cases involving fraudulent offenses. The legal process ensures that both parties are rightfully judged so that no one feels that they are judged or tried unfairly. The law, for instance, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Law incorporate strict regulations and fine or imprisonment terms that apply to almost any type of crime. Without the legal process, there would be heightening computer fraud crimes (Cornelius Germain Ifedi Womens Jersey , 2012). 
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Steve A., Chad O. A., Conan C. A., Mark F. Z. (2012) Fraud Examination. USA: LCC Sherry Roberts is the author of this paper. A senior editor at Melda Research in buy narrative essay if you need a similar paper you can place your order for legitimate research paper writing services.More About the AuthorAuthor is associated with which is a global Custom Essay Writing and Term Paper Writing Company. If you would like help in Research Papers and Term Paper Help you can Cheap Jerseys Online   Cheap Jerseys Online   Cheap Jerseys Online   Cheap NFL Jerseys China   Cheap NCAA Jerseys China   Cheap Jerseys Online   Wholesale MLB Jerseys China   Cheap Authentic College Jerseys   Cheap Soccer Jerseys   Cheap Hockey Jerseys  


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